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KOMBO: Letters To God

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Tajuk : KOMBO: Letters To God

ISBN : kombo-letters-to-god

Penerbit : Iman Publications

Penulis : Norhafsah Hamid

Format : Softcover

Berat : 1.30kg



Kombo Letters To God merangkumi lima buah buku iaitu:

1. Letters To God
2. Heaven Sent
3. Rough Diamond
4. Dear God
5. Divine Blessings



- Letters To God


Letters to God is about a journey of young girl named Sarah in trying to find her footing in a challenging world. An introvert by nature, Sarah strunggles to balance her work, life and her spritual longing while trying to adapt to her new surroundings.  She found friendship along the way and also experienced hostility and heartache.Not knowing who turn to, she decided to rant and rave to her Creator.
This is a story of how a young girl, who made a decision to write letters to God, telling Him of all her worries, and pain. She believes that one can talk to God at any time, any place, even outside prayers.
Did Sarah find solace?
Or did she continue to be lost?

- Heaven Sent

Sarah is a Muslim girl faced with challenges and obstacles to remain true to her religion. Whilst she endures hardship, she also found friendship and love.

Jonah is the 'modern day' Rome and enjoys the company of women but when he met Sarah, his whole world changed.

Both are from different background and religion but yet their path kept crossing. Is it fate or just coincidence?


- Rough Diamond


What is Rough Diamond all about?

Linda is a rich heiress who seems to have it all; beauty, brains, wealth and social standing.

Desired by men and envied by women, Linda's life seems perfect. But, deep down inside, Linda longs for true love and contentment.

Trapped between the glamorous world that she was brought up in and the overwhelming desire to find solace, Linda finds herself lost. Misery became her companion.

Will Linda continue her pretentious socialite life or will she find the hidden path to happiness?


- Dear God


In Dear God (the sequel to Letters To God), author Norhafsah Hamid weaves a tender story of young love, second chances and a soul that is lost, seeking to find what has been missing in his heart all along.

Jonah thought he had everything a guy could ever needed to sail through life. A family that is supportive, cool friends that made university life a breeze and looks that won him the affection of many girls.

Except for one - Sarah.

An encounter with Sarah made Jonah realise that there is more than the one revolving around him. Jonah decides to brave the path least taken in the search for the meaning of eternal contentment. He found himself connecting to the One that he has long forgotten since he was little.

Is there still hope for him?

'Dear God, grant me strength., prayed Jonah silently.


- Divine Blessings


In this concluding chapter of the 'Letters To God' series, Norhafsah Hamid takes you on a final journey of tender love, heartfelt friendship, and reaffirming faith through Divine Blessings.
* * *

Sarah and Jonah are blissfully content after their marriage. Their friends — jaws, Linda, and Mat Bond are all leading happy lives despite adjusting to the commitments of adulthood. Through ups and downs, their friendship remained strong. But in life, love and happiness require hard work and sacrifice.
For some, life will come to a beautiful full circle -proving that eternal happiness is for everyone, even if one was once, so far away from God.
It is easy to give up on everything when one is drowning in hardships. But there are divine blessings in life, if one seek them with eyes of mercy and gratitude.

Iman Publications



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