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Pakej Eksklusif: e-Commerce Website

Price in points: 25000 points

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Mahu memiliki website ecommerce untuk mengembangkan bisnes?

Kembangkan bisnes anda dengan ecommerce. Automatikkan bisnes & jana lebih banyak keuntungan. Semuanya menjadi lebih mudah & sistematik.


- Online Shopping Cart

- Sistem Ejen

- Sistem Dropship

- Marketplace seperti Lazada/Shopee 





Selain membangunkan website mengikut permintaan pelanggan, kami juga menyediakan servis-servis berikut:


  1. Domain & hosting
  2. Web & script installation
  3. Web design
  4. Website maintenance
  5. Website redesign
  6. Website migration
  7. Customized website services
  8. Plugin development
  9. Payment gateway integration
  10. API Integration
  11. SEO consultation & service
  12. E-commerce consultation & services
  13. Digital marketing consultation & services


Pendek kata, segala-galanya berkaitan dengan pembangunan website, e-commerce & digital marketing.



  • Web Design / Development

    We cover all the website development in html & php languages. This includes development with or without database. With database, you can add, edit, delete and manage the website easily. Without database, we will take care of the code and build your website from scratch, but all the information including pictures need to be prepared.

    Our development includes CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla and many more. Not to forget, all the website comes with responsive design (mobile friendly).


  • Web & Script Installation

    Some of us may already familiar with content management system on sponsored host such as but when they want to install the script themselves on self-host, they get stuck. There are so many benefits to place your own website on self hosting.

    Most of the hosting nowadays are offering the control panel to install the script automatically. But not many people are into technical stuff!

    We're here to help you install the scripts manually by charging a small fee. Not just that, we will configure it properly before sending it to the client.


  • Website Maintenance

    LamanWeb Solutions also offers several website maintenance packages that can address your needs. Whether you need to fix a bug or plan to add and update content with a website maintenance plan, we can help you to keep your site up-to-date and running smoothly.


  • Redesign or Revamp Website

    Websites have become increasingly popular among mobile users, if you have a website that is not in line with development, you will definitely lose more visitors. We offer redesign of the website using your preferred template or our preferred option.


  • Web Migration

    There are many types of websites migration such as site location change (server change), platform change, content change and structural change. Now, we only provide one type of web migration ie location / server transfer. Our charge are depends on the file size to transfer. Check our price to find out!


  • SEO Consulation & Service

    SEO plays an important role in increasing visitors to your website. We provide free basic seo consultants to our existing clients and charge a small fee to outsiders. We have a track record from real website coming from search engine as high as 250k unique visitor per day. Its more than 7 Million users per month!


  • Customized Website

    We provide customization of your new or existing website such as affiliate system integration, auto generate content using API, or even simple modification.


  • Payment Gateway Integration

    We already integrate some of the local payment gateway such BillPlz, SenangPay dan Toyyibpay into various platform such as CS-Cart, Merchium, Blesta, JobClass / LaraClassified, SMM Panel, vRent, Active Ecommerce CMS, Travel Tour Booking, Thinkin Service and a lot of custom system.



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