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Finance 101 For Kids# (Z22,BL29)

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Tajuk: Finance 101 For Kids#
ISBN: 9789670015552
Penerbit: AcePremier Sdn Bhd
Penulis: Walter Andal
Tahun Terbitan: 2016
Muka Surat: 98m/s
Halaman: Hitam dan Putih
Format: paperback
Berat (kg): 0.177kg
Dimensi (cm): 15cm x 23cm x 1cm
 Parents know the importance of making their children financially literate at a young age. Yet, for most parents, providing financial training to their children remains a mystery.

Following the wild success of Finance 101 for Kids, author Walter Andal's vision of guiding young minds to personal financial empowerment continues in this second installment. This latest inception takes everything we learned in the original book and applies it to real-life situations. Kids will have fun while learning practical financial lessons that they can bring forth into their adult lives.

In Finance 102 for Kids, children and parents will learn:

• How to spend wisely and live within your means

• How to determine the real cost of a purchase and make informed decisions

• Different ways to stretch your money's worth

• How to resist unhealthy media and social influence

• How to make credit cards work for you

• The power of saving, investing, and compound interest

• How to protect your money, property, and reputation

• Things beyond money that can make you rich

And so much more!

This book is essential for parents who want their kids to flourish financially. Give your children the tools they need today, and set them up for financial success!

AcePremier Sdn Bhd
Hitam Putih
Muka Surat:
98 Muka Surat



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