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Her Crashing Waves (G16,L146)

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Tajuk: Her Crashing Waves
ISBN: 978-967-369-753-3
Penerbit: Bookiut
Penulis: Aidil Azizul
Tahun Terbitan: 2023
Muka Surat: 112
Halaman: Hitam Putih
Format: Paperback
Berat (kg): 0.1 kg
Dimensi (cm): 19cm x 12.7cm x 0.8cm 

Fadhia is a seaside girl living a sheltered life. Her parents, scarred by a horrible mistake, keep her from all that she holds dear in hope of making things right again.

But Fadhia sees her family slowly drifting apart, their once-close bond strained by the weight of disappointment. She also begins to cast a shadow over her friendship with Wan, someone of a troubled history.

Driven by a newfound purpose, she sets out on a heartfelt mission to reclaim everything that once belonged to her no matter how hard it gets.


But can she ride the waves out safely? Or will she just sink trying?




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