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How You Can Be Financially Free Through Property Investments (L225)

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Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 978-967-0980-09-6

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If you’ve picked up this book looking for something beyond the ordinary, I hope this book serves you well. I dedicate it to those who intend to start their journey towards financial freedom and beyond, especially through ways of property investments.

This book is based on my journey from broke to rich twice in search of wealth. What I discover was more than financial independence. It was a heart felt and humbling experience of self discovery, opportunities, learnings and making good friends.

I’ve tried my best to illustrate the simplicity of buying properties via flip and keep strategies, detailed journey into seeking property gems via search engines and on site research as well as step by step negotiations technique which I have applied in real life.

Finally, I hope through this book, you pick up not only the tools to start or continue your financial journey, but also the emotional Why’s, mindset and the purpose towards your financial freedom and beyond.



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