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What Men Know About Women #(L17)

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A Successful Relationship is one that recognizes the difference between men and women and is able to get beyond the he said/she said scenarios.

Men and women have a different thought process when it comes to solving problems, while both sexes are capable of solving problems equally well the thought process involves in coming to a resolution varies between men and women. For men a problem is an opportunity for them to demonstrate their problem solving skills in a quick and efficient manner.

Men see having the problem solved at the ultimate goal and they believe that the best solution is the one that is quickest and most efficient. Women on the other hand see a problem as an opportunity to work together and reach a resolution.

Sensitivity is another area where men and women differ. Women have a heightened sense of sensitivity relative to men.

Men and women also differ in terms of memory. Men have a memory that is stronger in situation where they can recall the details of an event by making an associated with something concrete such as a location or item.

Men and women also often have different communication styles which can complicate a relationship. Men tend to be more introspetive about their problems and choose to deal with them internally and without discussing them with their partner.

Men and women have different styles when it comes to problem solving, sensitivity, memory and communication in a relationship.

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